Mission Statement

The primary objective of the Westhampton Police Department is to provide the highest level of professionalism, safety, and service to the members of the Community. This is accomplished while being ever mindful of small town values.

To accomplish these purposes, the professional responsibilities of the Westhampton Police include taking appropriate actions to: 

  • Protect life and property. 
  • Preserve the peace and maintain order. 
  • Investigate crime, apprehend criminal offenders, and recover stolen property. 
  • Enforce all laws and bylaws within the jurisdiction of the town. 
  • Immediately respond to all emergencies and to all persons who are in need of aid or assistance. 
  • Supervise public function where public order requires police presence, as deemed appropriate by the Chief of Police. 
  • Maintain a cooperative relationship with the residents, fire, highway, and governing boards of the town. 
  • Create a sense of safety and security for the entire town throughout vigilant preventative patrol. 
  • Finally, endeavor to accomplish all police objectives within the law and ensure the Constitutional rights of all.