Did you know…

In spite of its small size and rural setting, Westhampton has a number of claims to fame and noteworthy distinctions.

  • It is one of the safest towns in the Commonwealth, ranked 5th out of 351 communities, by onlyinyourstate.com. (And, according to that site, the two safest communities—Huntington and Chesterfield—are our neighbors!)
  • To this day, Westhampton remains as one of eighteen Massachusetts towns as "dry", meaning the sale of alcoholic beverages within its boundaries is prohibited.
  • It holds the record for “America’s Largest Gathering of Fancifully Transformed Plastic Pink Flamingos,” with more than 400 of these iconic lawn ornaments decorated and displayed in 2008.
  • In 2007, it hosted the first Lounging for Literacy, earning it the World Record for “the largest gathering of people reading in lawn chairs. The City of Seattle subsequently took the lead.
  • It is the site, since 2006, of the Great Pumpkin Roll, an annual autumn tradition that draws hundreds of participants and involves approximately 300 pumpkins rolling down Stage Road in the center of town. There is also a Great Pumpkin Roll CD, which features a title track all out Westhampton’s roll.
  • It is home to many artists, writers and musicians of regional and national acclaim, including musician Jim Armenti,  Patricia Lee Lewis, Mordicai Gerstein, Susan Yard Harris, and seasonally Randy Diehl.