Animal Control Officer

Inspector of Animals

Mission Statement

The mission of the Animal Control Officer and Inspector of Animals is to
encourage responsible pet care and pet ownership while enforcing the 
laws for the protection and control of animals and the protection of the public.

Animal Control Officer Description and Duties

The Westhampton Animal Control Officer is an appointed position.
Officers often respond to calls from citizens about lost or found
animals, suspected animal cruelty, or deceased animals. Sometimes,
officers have to capture or rescue animals, but other times they administer warnings or citations to citizens suspected of animal cruelty and

Inspector of Animals Description and Duties

The Westhampton Inspector of Animals is an appointed position. The main duty has recently become rabies control in the domestic animal
population. The Inspector responds to reports of bites of unknown origin, orders rabies testing, and at times is required to quarantine animals. The Inspector is also responsible for annual barn inspections which
provides a census of all agricultural animals within the town. This
information can be used during emergencies or if animals are found off their premises. These inspections also provide proof that all animals are in good shape, have adequate shelter, and are provided with proper nutrition and health care. Another duty of the Animal Inspector is to check ear tag numbers and date of arrival of cattle from out of state and to report this
information on the Animal Inspector's copy of the Cattle and Llama Permit which is furnished to the Animal Inspector by the Department of
Agricultural Resources. Finally, the Inspector may also be called to assist with other domestic animal disease quarantines in the event of an

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