Programs & Classes

Computer Class

The Westhampton Council on Aging is pleased to offer classes and activities that are open to all seniors. If you have ideas for additional activities, please contact one of the Board Members.  A

Chair Yoga – Yoga classes are offered several times a year. The emphasis in these gentle classes is on body awareness and self-care with  practices that improve breathing, balance and flexibility. Modified yoga poses in or with the support of a chair encourage increased range of motion. Many of the movements are ones that seniors find similar to courses of physical therapy they have been prescribed. Developing breath awareness helps with blood pressure and stress issues as well as pain management.  The classes always end with a brief relaxation phase that allows a meditative flow.The atmosphere is casual with time to share and metaphorically get things off our back or chest and laugh together. No worries about getting it "right". 

Computer Classes - Computer classes are held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month.  These classes are for all skill levels and include both individual help and class lessons.  Call Bob Miller at 527-2404 for more information.

Walking Group - A walking group meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 9:00 in the Town Parking lot in the center of town. There are different routes for those who wish to do longer or shorter walks.  There is also a group walking at 8:00 a.m. - also starting at the town parking lot.

Hikes – When weather permits, the COA offers a monthly hike to a point of interest in our area. These hikes are open to all seniors and are never really strenuous, but details of each hike are given prior to the actual hike. Watch the newsletter for details.