Hi COA Hikers. 


RETURN to the LYNES SANCTUARY AREA along Edwards Road: Thursday, November 9, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM (no rain date, yet). We will meet at the Lynes Sanctuary parking lot on Edwards Road. More details to come next week. 

WORK OFF THE TURKEY HIKE: Sunday, November 26 or Thursday, November 30. We are considering a new Mineral Hills trail, a hike starting at the end of Edwards Road*, or walking the Tob Hill Road extension that eventually joins Kings Highway. *Please let me know if you have ever hiked the trail at the end of Edwards Road.


“NO WINTER HIKES, YET”, or so I said in the last message. However, some of you have expressed interest. Any ideas, yes or no? 

Thank you for your participation, Chuck Horn, chornrita66@comcast.net, 527-6765