HRMC Composting

Event Date: 
Saturday, March 17, 2018 - 10:30am to 12:00pm

                  HRMC – CONSIDER COMPOSTING: Turn Your Spoils Into Soils

March 17 10:30 am – 12 pm, Westhampton Public Library


As a faithful recycler do you wonder what more you can do to reduce your contribution to landfills and incinerators? Consider practicing composting.


Nature has provided a natural recycling system that converts kitchen scraps and garden waste into compost, a valuable product to anyone with gardens, shrubs, lawns, and houseplants. Compost added to the soil results in healthier plant growth because it improves soil structure, adds nutrients, helps retain moisture and provides a good environment for earthworms and other beneficial soil organisms.


In addition to improving our soil, composting provides each of us with a way to help solve Masschusetts’ solid waste problem.  Not only are you doing your part for the environment, but by composting, you also save on disposal costs and produce a valuable material for your own use. Composting can reduce your trash by 25 percent or more by composting leaves, grass clippings, garden debris, fruit peels, vegetable scraps, tea bags, coffee grounds, egg shells, and shredded paper. 


It’s easy to make compost, and the Hilltown Resource Management Cooperative makes it even easier by offering rodent-resistant home composting bins at 50% less than retail prices.  The Earth Machine Compost bin has a capacity of 11 cubic feet, the equivalent of about 4 bags of leaves.  It has a sliding door at the bottom for removing compost and a locking lid.  It is made from 50% post-consumer recycled plastic.  Don’t have a yard or outdoor space for composting? Not a problem – information on Vermicomposting (indoor composting with Earthworms) will also be available. 


To help you get started, a display of the Earth Machine compost bin and The Worm Factory Composter can be seen at the Westhampton Public Library on Saturday, March 17. Kathleen Casey, HRMC Administrator, will be on site at the library from 10:30 – noon to provide composting information and take spring orders. The display will be up until March 20. The bins that retail for $ 99.00 are available to HRMC member-Town residents for $ 45.00.  Residents of Chesterfield, Westhampton, and Williamsburg may acquire the bins for $25.00 through subsidized pricing incentives provided by these Towns. For more information, contact the HRMC at and provide your name, residential address and phone number (or call 685-5498 with the same information).