Public Records

Public records requests must be submitted to a designated Records Access Officer. 

Written requests may be submitted by hand, mail, email, or facsimile.  Include a reasonable description of the requested record so that the Records Access Officer can identify and locate it promptly.  A Records Request Form is provided on the menu link.

Requests will be handled in a timely manner and a written response will be provided within ten business days.  The Records Access Officer may request an extension of time to provide records as allowed by state law.  Fees for public records may apply, as allowed by state law.  

Certain records are exempt from public disclosure by state law.  A written
notice of denial will be provided by the Records Access Officer providing the date of the request and identifying the records sought that will be witheld or redacted.

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Record Access Officers

Cheryl A. Provost

Administrative Assistant
Assistant Town Clerk
Records Access Officer

Cheryl A. Provost

Town Clerk
Records Access Officer

Fire Chief
Records Access Officer

Chief of Police
Records Access Officer