October 27, 2018
fireworks display


Westhampton Fire Department

48 Stage Road, Westhampton, Ma, 01027

Telephone:  (413) 529-7181


Fire Chief:  Christopher W. Norris

Deputy Chiefs:  Steve Holt, Lee Douchkoff, John Bridgman



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            October 10, 2018




Contact Information:  Fire Chief Christopher W. Norris





There will be a permitted fireworks display in Westhampton on Saturday, October 27th beginning around 7:00PM.  This will go intermittently through 9:30PM when the permit ends. 

As this display is atypical for fireworks around this time of year, I wanted to pass this along in case people become concerned due to the noise from this event.  Thank you.