Wednesday, 5/3/2017 (rain date, 5/10), with John Clapp into the Mineral Hills from his house, 940 Chesterfield Road, Florence. Directions: Going towards Northampton (or Leeds) on Chesterfield Road, you cross the little bridge just before the intersection with Montague Road and only a 10th of a mile later turn right onto John’s long driveway. Look for us up by his house. The trailhead is a short walk. We will meet there at 1:30 PM and hike from the nearby trailhead.  

John emailed me, "Up and back would take about an hour to an hour and a half depending on how far we go. Most of the hike is flat to moderate with a bit steeper climb toward the end. We can let the folks decide how far they want to go." Sounds good to me. As we get closer to the date, please reply if you plan (or hope) to come.

Please let Chuck know if you plan to come; ‘maybe’ is fine. Chuck Horn at 413-527-6765 (can leave voice message) or by return email. Also call Chuck to get on the email list

Future Hike: Tentative date, Wednesday, 5/24/2017 (AM or PM depending). Meet at Cemetery Road, Westhampton for hiking into the (mostly Kestrel Trust Reservation) area between Southampton Road and South Road and back. 

Future possibilities: Trail to Southampton from the end of Edwards Road. Rhodes Road off Route 66 near Huntington border. Another hike near John Clapp’s. Roberts Hills, Leeds. And more ideas from you folks.